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Millennial Entrepreneur and Magician, John Zimmel of Greenwich, CT, Offers Advice on Breaking into the Realm of Magic

John Zimmel lays out a few tips for budding magicians and creating magical experiences John Zimmel is a young entrepreneur that’s full of ideas, energy, and momentum. He owns four main business, Grass Fed Audio, West 35 Media, Nameless Productions, and his parent communications company, Labyrinth35 X. He also has a side project in magic. […]

On A Mission to Create Stellar Content, John Zimmel Launches Digital Content Agency, West 35 Media

Millennial entrepreneur, John Zimmel, knows how to gain followers and keep them. Now he wants to help local businesses and personal brands do it too. Twenty-one-year-old entrepreneur, John Zimmel, has announced his fourth start-up business, digital content agency, West 35 Media. The company is on a mission to “bring the best quality to all our projects […]

John Zimmel’s Advice on Following Your Passion

John Zimmel, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, has followed his passion for filming, resulting in the launch of his four successful start-up businesses. Twenty-one-year-old entrepreneur, John Zimmel, owns four start-up businesses. As an eager entrepreneur, he has big plans for the future of his parent company, Labyrinth 35X and its subsidiaries. But before Zimmel was running his businesses […]

21-Year-Old Media Entrepreneur, John Zimmel, Captures Eye-Catching Videos for Extreme Sports Athletes

Young, unafraid, and outgoing entrepreneur, John Zimmel, produces eye-catching videos for extreme sports and has the personality to match. John Zimmel is no ordinary 21-year-old. While other young people his age are out at bars, John Zimmel is running four businesses: Grass Fed Audio, West 35 Media, Nameless Productions, and his parent communications company, Labyrinth35 X. John started filming in […]

John Zimmel - Branding & Growth Tactics

John Zimmel’s Advice on Branding & Growth Tactics for Overall Social Media

John Zimmel does what all other successful business leaders do; he surrounds himself with talent, but not always in the physical sense. One of those talented individuals is the highly-regarded multimedia expert, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, social media leader, and mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Gary’s messaging fits with John […]