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John Zimmel Discusses The Top 5 Qualities That Make A Successful Entrepreneur

John Zimmel discusses the top 5 qualities that every successful entrepreneur will need to possess.

As a successful entrepreneur and vlogger, John Zimmel knows what it takes to get a business up and running. He also knows that now is a tough time for aspiring entrepreneurs. Coronavirus has brought a lot of uncertainty to the global economy, giving many up-and-coming business owners pause. However, John Zimmel believes that people who have the right qualities can still thrive in a tumultuous economic climate.

So, what qualities does John Zimmel see as essential for entrepreneurs? Let’s go directly to the source to find out:

John Zimmel: 5 Important Qualities for Successful Entrepreneurs


Even though there are a number of qualities that successful business owners should have, John Zimmel has narrowed down the list to the top 5 characteristics and traits. Here’s what Mr. Zimmel had to say on the matter:

“In order to run a successful business, you have to be a good planner. While a small percentage of people fall into success without a coherent business plan, you shouldn’t bank your success on blind luck. Instead, plan out every stage and element of your business in advance. If you struggle to make and execute plan, it may be difficult for you to find success as an entrepreneur.” – John Zimmel

“One key to success as an entrepreneur is flexibility. No matter how well you plan out your business, you will always need to be open to change. In fact, you should leave room in your plan for adjustments and variations whenever possible.” – John Zimmel

“Without a solid work ethic, you’re dead in the water. Starting and building a business requires tireless hours. Many people assume that once they start a business, they get to just sit back and watch the money roll in. This could not be farther from the truth. You need to be able to put in the hours to bring your business to life.” – John Zimmel

“Every business requires a certain degree of risk. You can never know for sure if your business idea, budget, and plan will work out. You also don’t know what barriers life will throw your way. So, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to have the ability and courage to take on risk.” – John Zimmel

“Not all entrepreneurs need to be the face of their company, but if you want to start a business, you need to be prepared to deal with people. This means that you need to cultivate strong communication skills. Some business types require more interaction than others, but pretty much every business owner will need to communicate with employees, customers, clients, or other businesses.” – John Zimmel

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