John Zimmel

John Zimmel Explains Social Media Branding, Music, Video Production with a Magical Touch

What does it take to become an upstart mogel in this multi-media driven digital world? John Zimmel seems to know and it’s one word, diversity. With 4 companies dedicated to casting a wide net across all facets shaping the vast expanse of today’s internet, John Zimmel, in quick time, has proven his skill set. From video and music production, digital content creation and vlogging, all with the purpose to establish a personal touch with viewers here and abroad – potential clients and admirers – John Zimmel has placed his hands on the foundations of a smartphone generation.

Start with, John Zimmel’s parent company. After a quick google search and a simple click, will open all of the doors you will need to become a media icon. Quickly, you’ll discover Nameless Productions a video production company, along with Grass-Fed Audio a live and studio sound production company, and finally West 35 Media John Zimmel’s digital content creation agency.

John Zimmel takes great passion with his vlogging, dedicating himself to nearly a vlog a day for over a year. This is how he connects with millennials and youth coming of age in the modern global economy. 

John Zimmel (29)

With four simple tips, John Zimmel outlines as an entrepreneur, blossoming in his early 20’s, his elegant approach to branding. John believes it starts with a social media platform, something like Instagram. From there it’s about broadening your horizon with John Zimmel’s proven approach. 

1). Constructing strategic partnerships within the social media platform. 

2) Converting followers into subscribers and thus moving them from social media to your personal web address. 

3) Creating content followers will want to pass along to demonstrate what you’re delivering.

4) Branding your icon/logo on everything you do in order to drill home a sense of confidence in what you can bring to the table.

John Zimmel’s quick rise into a media guru includes accolades from the Guinness Books of World Records for videoing history in the making, along with the work he’s done for artists like Parson James, Chris Blue and others. Even General Electric has called on John Zimmel’s expertise. There’s no doubt about John being a prodigy of video and music media, having his finger on the pulse of the grand adventure that is the modern and complex nature of today’s cyberspace. Social media magic is John Zimmel’s wheelhouse. But John doesn’t stop there. Being an amateur magician fills John Zimmel with a personal pleasure that rounds out his repertoire of media and entertainment excellence. 

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