John Zimmel
John Zimmel

How John Zimmel Made West 35 Media the Thing It is

Digital content creation is becoming a booming business, having a significant presence across the Internet. How did John Zimmel create his company, West 35 Media?
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In October 2019, John Zimmel — a young and accomplished 21-year-old entrepreneur — established the company West 35 Media, which deals in digital content creation. Such a business is yet another venture for John Zimmel, demonstrating a bold approach to his entrepreneurship. Digital content creation is not the easiest of tasks, but with the right skill, just about anyone can find some success in the field, as John Zimmel has done.

How John Zimmel Came To Create West 35 Media

Beyond the potential of profit and success in the digital content creation industry, John Zimmel got into the industry because he knew that there were a lot of aspiring figures who needed a leg up. Creating a brand is not a simple process, even when you have someone on your side, and doing it alone can be an absolute nightmare. Whether it is people looking for help with making videos that are able to avoid the wrath of the dreaded YouTube algorithm or to get a post on Twitter that actually gets shared by more than five people, digital content creation services can make things feel like night and day for those in need.

John Zimmel: How To Make Content That Works

When making content, there are two sides to be considered. One side is the content, for sure. You want it to be good, engaging, all that jazz. But the other side is the creation. If you don’t understand how to make good content succeed, then you’re missing a huge part of the equation. A company that does not know how to get around YouTube’s algorithm for picking content is not going to last very long, and John Zimmel knows that. He set up West 35 Media with it in mind that he and his staff would put meticulous work into their clients’ content, ensuring not only that it was worth reading, but also that it could be read by many.

John Zimmel: How To Make It About Your Client

When the chips are down, no matter how big your digital content creation company gets, no matter how well-known or successful it is, you cannot make your company the star of the show. Make your money, get credit for your work, sure — but after all is said and done, the company exists to lift your clients into the limelight, getting their voices out there. If you are not doing that adequately, or you are overshadowing them, it can certainly run afoul. When you are making content to help someone out, your job is to wipe that proverbial car to a mirror shine. Gotta remember to stay humble, after all.

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